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My Quran Pad: Review

Updated: Mar 1

Salam friends!

With Ramadan around the corner, I was looking for some interactive teaching tools to help teach my eldest daughter to start learning Arabic. As a Bilingual Canadian Muslim, It is so important for me to teach my children to be bilingual as well. Its a beautiful way to pass culture and tradition on to the next generation.

I have been looking for products online for months and nothing was quite what I was looking for….until now!

Meet My Quran Pad!

Read on to get my full review of this product!

When this product was available for preorder, I knew I needed to get my hands on one. After receiving it I had the opportunity of trying it out and I wanted to share my experience with My Quran Pad

In an ever growing digital world, it can be challenging to find fun and stimulating ways to engage children in learning. What I love about this product is that its interactive, fun and very easy to navigate. One feature that I really love about this product is that there is a lot of colour incorporated on the keys aswell as the illustrated supplementary book that comes with it. As a visual learner, I find the colours are very helpful in maintaining focus and Im sure it will help my daughter the same way aswell. Now lets talk about what you can learn with My Quran Pad:

  • Learn the Arabic Alphabet (there is also an “Alif-Ba-Ta” and “A-I-U” song to aid learning)

  • Learn all the Arabic short and long vowels. (Tanwin and Harakat)

  • Learn 11 introductory Surahs from the Quran

  • Learn Arabic beginner words

  • Learn Arabic animal names

  • Learn Arabic Nasheeds

My Quran Pad boasts 49 touch activated keys that are very easy to use. A great feature is that on the Arabic alphabet keys, the character is written the way it would be at the beginning, middle and end of a word. There is also the phonetic spelling of each character.

Above each of the buttons  are also coloured illustrations of the animals whose name starts with the selected character. This is a fun way to help children connect the dots to learn these Arabic words.

The last feature I’m excited to talk about is the “Record and Play” feature. Yes. You guessed it! You can record your pronunciations and play it back to hear how you are pronouncing it. This is a fantastic way to guide children in learning Arabic and I’m so excited for my daughter to start learning Arabic this Holy Month of Ramadan.

I hope you found all this information helpful. Be sure to follow My Quran Pad on Instagram here and check out my page for an exciting giveaway of this product!

Ghalia Eltassi

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