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Spring 2022 One Room Challenge - The Entryway

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Ok you guys must think I’m crazy but I signed up again for another round of the One Room Challenge! I know what you’re thinking, “ but Ghalia, didn’t you just finish your last one 2 months ago?” Yup! And I’m ready to tackle another space in my home!

If you aren’t familiar with the One Room Challenge, It is a biannual event where bloggers, diyers, and designers makeover a room/space in 8 weeks! This year is their 10th anniversary and Im excited to be participating for the 4th time!

My previous makeovers included finishing our basement and laundry space. You can find more about these on my Instagram and Tiktok page. I will be sharing more about these projects on my blog soon! Also be sure to check out the One Room Challenge official website

where you will find links to hundreds of guest participants and you can follow along with some creative transformations!

So what room am I working on this time? It’s the entryway! I chose this project for a few reasons. First, I’ve been slowly trying to add more of my style preferences into my home and figured, why not start with the first space you see when you walk into your home?

The second reason is that I initially had plans to work on the closet over a year ago but shelved it until now. I put it on the back burner because I was around 4-6 weeks pregnant when I started feeling the effects of pregnancy. I decided to listen to my body and take a step back for a few months. By the time I started feeling better, It was 20 weeks in and the nursery became my top priority. ORC is the perfect challenge to motivate me to get back to it!

The final reason is that I was really intimidated by my plans for this space and was experiencing decision paralysis. Since this closet is very small and an awkward shape, I thought converting it to a drop zone would be more practical use of the space.

In order to do this, I would have to build a very awkward shaped bench and remove the closet doors. I was nervous about committing to removing the doors so I decided to wait until I was sure that it was the right move.

Have you guys ever felt decision paralysis before? Sometimes it can take a good amount of time to really be sure about you choice and I’m excited to say that Im finally 100% ready to take those doors off and get building!

What are some of the DIYs I have planned for this entryway?

  • Painting the walls and trims

  • Installing shiplap and hooks in the closet

  • Building a floating bench

  • Building a custom shelf

  • Building the console table (I'm super nervous and excited for this one!)

  • New flooring

  • Maybe painting the door (still not sure what colour)

  • Styling the space!

Here's The Plan

My current entryway has dark flooring and most of my furniture is cool toned with chrome metals. I really love the warmer tones and I’m hoping that adding that and some vintage and midcentury modern touches will really create a cozy and inviting entryway.

I usually add more colour in my accents rather than the finishes to create those pops of colour and will likely do that here to keep it cohesive with the rest of my home. I also noticed that the ceiling in my closet is flat so Im thinking it could also be a great spot to add some colour!

So that’s it! Im so excited to challenge myself with this one and finally ready to check it off the list! Follow along as I share my progress with you guys each week!

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